Credit Card Security Infographic


I commissioned the very talented artist Bryan Ward to make a good quality version of my previous credit card security infographic. This is meant as a tool to educate and inform people who post photos of their credit cards on the internet, and you may link to or repost it accordingly. Please give credit and do not use it commercially without permission.

Click the image above to view a larger version in a new window. I can provide a PDF version for printing if requested.

5 thoughts on “Credit Card Security Infographic

  1. Great and I intend to pass it along to family! One question: example #4 says the last 4 digits have been covered up but the graphic beside it seems to show the last 8 digits covered up. I realize I might be missing something…


  2. And you trust a famous space pirate for exposing all the treasure map details – honestly!!!? Anyway, I would love to see a french translation for my compatriotes, so I’ll have to do some homework before contacting you for a special PDF.


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