About Cybersecurity Management and Expectations

For the past decade, I have listened to a number of stories from a minority of cybersecurity professionals I talk to about unbelievably hostile and abusive workplaces. More insidious to me, are the workplaces that “pass” as okay on paper, but are continually undermining, failing, and gaslighting their junior employees. Unfortunately, it’s often harder for junior people to judge that they are not being treated fairly than in cases of extreme abuse.… Read More About Cybersecurity Management and Expectations

PancakesCon 2020: Quarantine Edition

This page is perma-linked at pancakescon.com Thank you for your attendance and support; see you next time! Media coverage: https://www.csoonline.com/article/3533422/virtual-security-conferences-fill-void-left-by-canceled-face-to-face-events.html Info and CFP #PancakesCon is an impromptu, virtual hacker con which occurred on Sunday 3/22/2020, from 9AM-6PM Central US Time. Every talk at PancakesCon was approximately 40 minutes long, and had two halves: 1) An… Read More PancakesCon 2020: Quarantine Edition

Bad, Good, and Super-Cringey Infosec Lab Environments

I’ve had the (dubious) honor and privilege of witnessing a couple decades of IT educational lab environments. Even after well over a decade of full-time cybersecurity work, I often still have to re-certify on various tasks which require I complete a live lab or CTF (capture the flag). I build such environments myself. The way… Read More Bad, Good, and Super-Cringey Infosec Lab Environments