The Worst InfoSec Resume, Ever

I do quite a bit of InfoSec résumé reviewing and critiquing, both personally and professionally, so I’m repeatedly asked for tips on common problems. In order to ensure that these problems were not exclusive to me, I recently had a lengthy discussion  with a number of InfoSec professionals involved in hiring (thank you!). We discussed our “top 10” pet peeves when reading candidates’ résumés.

So without further ado, here is an illustrated example of some common problems we see on many résumés, and some suggestions about how to fix them.

(If these images are hard to view on your phone or at a specific resolution, you may click them to view them full screen.)



4 thoughts on “The Worst InfoSec Resume, Ever

  1. I’ve gotten to see this from both ends on the hiring front–I used to be in HR, so I’ve seen a *lot* of resumes. And now although I have a more technical role, I am often on interview panels (IT, but not infosec specifically). All of which is to say: this is excellent advice, Lesley, and not just for infosec.

    The only thing I would add is: if it’s on your resume, be prepared to talk about it in the interview. This may seem obvious, but in my experience it apparently isn’t.

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  2. Dear Lesley

    An excellent and brilliantly put across post on how a resume should be drafted by pointing out the key mistakes. I particularly liked the aspect of CISSP and where military veterans can highlight their leadership experience
    The post is applicable to all jobs not just InfoSec .
    Great post


  3. Looking to break into the field since I got my masters and a cert in security 2yrs ago and this is one of the most useful items I have come across. Thank you so much. love the blog!


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