How to become a hacker… now with 80% more pictures.

Around con time, I’m frequently asked ‘how to become a computer hacker’. Since it’s a delightfully non-specific question, I have decided to illustrate my response for posterity:

Hacking Flowchart

The most critical things when getting into infosec are the right attitude, curiosity, and interest, a solid foundation of technical knowledge, and the motivation to take advantage of the amazing resources that our peers have made available. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget the early steps and delve straight into hacking tool guides, without first covering the basics and developing a deep interest in understanding how to manipulate computers. This is what really divides the bad, from the good, from the great.

One thought on “How to become a hacker… now with 80% more pictures.

  1. I just found out this chart and it’s amazing! Just one question. When you say that one needs to be comfortable with how an OS works, besides the already listed topics (registry/configuration files and command line), would you suggest to learn more about “system administration” (setting up servers, changing configurations, maybe hardening) or something more similar to most OS university courses (interrupts,semaphores,kernel,…)?


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