InfoSec tickets for Veterans & Twitter Feed!

Hello all,

For the past year, I have reached out to twitter-folk for their spare and unwanted infosec con tickets they wished to donate to military veterans and military members interested in the field. I have made the decision today to formalize this into a website and twitter account, .

Why do I do this?

There is a collective misunderstanding in our society about military members. Although we may consider them to be heroes, valiant, and tough, the vast majority of charities and educational programs available to them after serving also presume them all to fit into specific blue collar professions after their enlistment or commission.

This is simply not the case. The military staffs almost every job seen in the civilian world, from cooks to network engineers. There are even infosec professionals, just like us, using similar tools and attending the same certification programs. The difference is, they are doing it on the military payscale and within military lifestyle restrictions, to benefit a larger cause.

To a junior enlisted military member working in IT or recently discharged from the military, with industry certifications and years of experience, a couple hundred dollars we might consider trivial can be an impossible roadblock to attending conferences and networking. We all know how absolutely critical attending these events can be to progressing in our careers. So why keep qualified people out over a trifling sum of money?

This Twitter account is made to reduce the isolation veterans may feel upon trying to enter the information security field. I will endeavor to RT and tweet programs beneficial to veterans and currently enlisted people,  as well as provide an informal operator service to connect people with spare infosec con tickets with veterans who want to attend the conferences.

This service will be best effort and a work in progress until I find others willing to volunteer time and effort to it. However, I believe this service fills a serious void between military and civilian IT security.

If you wish to donate a spare ticket or sponsor an attendee, please DM the account and I will relay this opportunity is available. If somebody requests the ticket, I will connect you to arrange transfer of ownership. I hold no liability for the transfer so please exercise caution and common sense.

If you are a veteran or military member who would like a ticket to a conference, please stay tuned to this twitter account and DM if you see a ticket that interests you (first come, first serve).

This service is on the honor system and I will only be spot checking military service. I can only ask for your honesty to maintain the account.

This account will not be accepting advertisement or promotional offers; corporate sponsorship for individuals is okay within reason.